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All covers on this site are one-of-a-kind and are not templates.  They will be sold only once then removed from the site. If a premade cover doesn’t sell after a certain period of time it may be removed from the site and the imagery recycled into another cover.

Found the perfect cover for your book?

Step One: The best way to reserve the eBook cover you want is to use the PayPal button on the right sidebar of each page (or bottom of page if you are viewing on a small screen). There is a PayPal drop down menu that allowed me to offer 10 pricing options.  Select the appropriate option, identify which cover by entering the fake book title in the appropriate box, then push “Pay Now” button.  You will be directed to a payment page via PayPal to complete your transaction.

Don’t  have a PayPal account?   You have the option to pay by credit card via the PayPal link as well.

Don’t see the exact pricing option you need in the drop down menu?   Unsure if the changes you want will require additional charges?   Just choose the base price for the eBook cover only and I will send you an invoice via PayPal for any additional services you order once we communicate. Or feel free to email me at and I’ll send a custom invoice via PayPal.

Step Two: Follow up with an email to me at with your title, subtitle (if desired), author name and if there are any changes (see below for changes that are included in price). Please feel free to email questions to me prior to paying, but please keep in mind that I work on a first come, first serve basis and there is always a chance that somebody else will purchase your title first.

Once payment is received I will remove the eBook cover from my site (if it shows up under multiple category pages it will come down from each page.)  My goal is to get back to you same day and get the image down immediately. However, I manually remove covers from my site so there may be some lag time between when it is purchased and when it is removed.   If the cover you purchased is not available, your money will be refunded and you will receive a 10% discount on another cover or service of your choice.  Be assured, if you were the first to purchase a cover,  it will be yours!  You should have your completed cover within 1-3 days!  Note: I will retain a small version of your completed cover to use on the portfolio page of my site and the original PSD file for up to two years in case you decide to hire me to create a print cover or a sequel cover.

A note about text placement.  Font selection, size, color, effects and placement are extremely important to giving your book a polished professional look.  If you are having trouble figuring out how your title will look, don’t worry.  In most cases I will layout your new text a couple of different ways for you to choose from.  If you know you want a different font style (eg. script), let me know and I will change it!

What does “Exclusive Image” under a book title mean?  An exclusive image is one that only I have access to, either because I took it myself or bought it exclusively from somebody else.  There may be additional images on the cover that were purchased non-exclusively from a stock site as well.

In an effort to keep the site maintenance to a minimum and keep my prices low, no refunds are given.  Once you buy an Ebook cover, it is yours.  I want you to be happy, so please be sure before you purchase.

Feel free to email me anytime with any questions, Marianne@PremadeEbookCoverShop.  I’m nice…..and I really want you to be happy.

What’s Included in the price under each book cover?

Changing out the title, adding or deleting a subtitle (or praise quote) and adding your name as the author are all included.

Changing font style/color. If you have a different font in mind, this can usually be changed easily as long as I have the font or it is downloadable from the web for free for commercial use.

Hue change. If you choose a cover that has an overall hue of red and you prefer it in blue, normally this can be changed easily and is included.  Eye color can also be changed.

If you want to delete an image from the cover (as long as it doesn’t require a complete redesign of the other elements) this is also included.  However, if you want to swap out images, add additional images, or rearrange the images on the cover this would be considered a semi-custom change and an additional $45.00 time fee applies. Visit the Custom and Semi-custom page to learn more.

Up to two revisions are also included. I have to say this to keep my work load sane, however if there is one additional tweak you want to make, I’m a nice person and as long as you are being reasonable I’ll keep going until you are happy.

What you get!

You will be supplied with two versions of the completed eBook cover:

(This section is changed and updated regularly as the booksellers change their recommendations)

1. A large jpg titled YourTitleEbookCoverUse.jpg to upload as the eBook cover to Amazon, etc. This will be a 1700 x 2500 72 DPI jpg and will work for most major book sites. This is a 6×9 format in the same proportion to the premade eBook cover images you see on my site.  The final cover image will be optimized for web use, assuring it is the smallest file size while retaining high image quality (= faster load time!)

2. A smaller 72 DPI jpg titled YourTitleSmallerWebUse.jpg for use on your web site, social media pages and to share with bloggers.  Unless you tell me differently this will be a 600 x 900 jpg.  The final cover image will be optimized for web use, assuring it is the smallest file size while retaining high image quality (= faster load time!)

Note about format: If you prefer a different format size other than the popular 6×9 format (eg. wider 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11 format particularly popular for non-fiction books) let me know and I will supply you with that size instead.  However, if you require more than one format size or decide to change your format size after the fact, I do charge a $25 time fee to change the format as it does require a bit of work.

All of my covers are originally designed at 300 DPI.  If you want a 300 DPI version that can be used to print bookmarks and marketing materials, please let me know and I can send that as well (no additional charge).  In some cases, the 300 DPI version can also be used as a print cover, however in most cases, the text will need to be moved in order to avoid trim lines, and a spine and back cover will need to be added.   You are welcome to use this 300 dpi jpg of the cover yourself as a print cover and add your own spine and back cover.  However, I cannot supply you with the PSD file because I cannot give you access to the individual stock images without breaking my licensing agreement with the stock photo agencies.  I do offer a service to convert the eBook cover to a completed print cover (including spine and back cover) for $125.00 and would be happy to design one for you : )

All images (except for some romance model shots, see below) are licensed for up to 250,000 downloads in the case of eBooks or 250,000 printings for a printed book (some book covers are licensed for up to 500,000 downloads or printings, depending upon which stock company the stock images came from – I will let you know).  All images come from reputable royalty-free stock photography sites.  If you start getting close to that number an extended license can be purchased (and congratulations!)

Some romance model shots are purchased from a very specific stock web site and are licensed for up to 20,000 downloads.  If you start getting close to this number, please let me know and you can purchase a license for an additional 20,000 downloads for approx. $15.00.

And of course you’ll get an awesome book cover to help you sell your book!

I will gladly tweet about and post the cover to my facebook page when you are ready to launch!

A Word About eBook Series

If you plan to create a book series, I would be happy to create a consistent series of covers for you!  After purchasing a premade, semi-custom or custom cover for your first book, I will design each additional cover in the same series for $75 each plus cost of stock photo(s).  In most cases, royalty free stock images can be purchased for $5. You’ll be getting a custom cover for less than 1/2 the price of the stand alone custom cover price of $155! (If you purchased the first cover in the series from me prior to Feb. 1, 2015, the price for each additional cover in the series will remain $65 through 2015).

Pricing – a quick look!
Product Price Note
Premade eBook Cover $45.00-65.00 unless marked otherwise
Sale eBook Cover $30.00 or as marked
Semi-Custom eBook Cover $45.00 PLUS cost of premade cover you want to further customize by adding or swapping out an image*
Rework an existing eBook cover $45.00-$75.00 assumes it is not a completely new custom cover. This option is for the author who likes their existing cover but needs font help or design/photoshopping help to give it polish
Custom eBook Cover $155.00 (+ cost of stock photo(s) if over $15.00)
eBook Series $75.00 per cover after the 1st – less than 1/2 the price of custom cover! (+ cost of stock photo(s))
Createspace Print Cover $125.00 available for eBook clients who now want to print (+ cost of stock photo(s) if applicable for back cover)
Audiobook Cover $35.00 to change existing cover to audiobook format
Facebook/Website/Twitter Banner $45.00 for one site $60.00 to be formatted for up to 3 sites*
Social Media Graphics $20.00-$25.00 $20 if client supplies image or we use cover image. $25 if I research and purchase image. 10% discount on 5 or more in same order
3D eBook cover $15.00 with or without shadow or $20 for both with and without shadow
Boxed Sets $75.00 – $95.00 $75 for 2-3 books or $95 for 4-8 books.* Price assumes I'll be using a premade or custom cover that has already been purchased separately.
*(+ cost of stock photo(s) if different from book cover images.)

Additional graphic design services may be available upon request.


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