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SEMI-CUSTOM COVERS (Cost: Price of the chosen premade cover + $45 time fee and $10 per stock photo)

Most premade eBook covers on my site cost $45-$69 which includes some customization (eg. changing out the title, font, author name and subtitle.)  But what if you found a cover that fits the mood of your book but is missing something or contains an element that doesn’t quite fit?  The semi – custom book cover design option is for you!

You can either email me first and I will send you an appropriate invoice, or simply purchase the premade eBook cover through the PayPal link at the bottom of most pages (securing it for yourself) and then follow up with an email using the contact form or directly to I will invoice you via PayPal for the additional amount (and stock photography if necessary). Any ONE of these examples would be considered a semi-custom change:

-Swapping out a skyline image to a different city or a farm, an ocean, etc.

-Swapping out a model image for a different model.

-Adding an element (eg. a wolf or moon in the background.)

All appropriate rearranging of existing elements on the cover to accommodate the change is also included. Up to three revisions are included in this option.  After that, time is billed at $25.00 per revision. Depending upon amount of revisions, my aim is to complete this process within a few day’s time.


CUSTOM EBOOK COVER (Cost: $175, includes up to 3 stock photos)

Contact me first and let me know that you are interested in the custom book cover design option and to check my schedule.  We can then communicate via email to discuss the genre, title, author name, subtitle (if desired) and your thoughts and ideas. I will send you an invoice via PayPal for this service or you can choose the Custom eBook Cover option from the dropdown PayPal menu.

Custom covers usually contain 1-4 stock photos, photo manipulation, and as many revisions as required to complete the cover (within reason.)  Depending upon the amount of images, photo manipulation and revisions, my aim is to complete this process within two weeks time. The price assumes an allowance for up to 3 royalty-free stock images.  Additional images will be billed at $10 per image. If a more expensive photo(s) is requested or a drastic amount of photo shopping is required, price may increase. You may also supply me with a licensed stock image. See custom cover samples below (you can see more samples on my Portfolio/Published page.)




If you plan to create a book series, I would be happy to create a consistent series of covers for you! Any premade, custom or semi-custom cover can become the start of a series!

After purchasing a premade, semi-custom or custom eBook cover design for your first book, I will design each additional cover in the same series for $85 each plus price of stock photo(s) – $10 each.  You’ll be getting a custom cover for less than 1/2 of the price of a stand alone custom cover price of $175!

For information on additional services, including print covers, audiobook covers, boxed set graphics, web banners and social media graphics, please visit the Additional Services page.


Product Price Note
Premade eBook Cover $45.00-69.00 unless marked otherwise
Premade eBook Cover Series $175.00 unless marked otherwise
Sale eBook Cover $45.00 or as marked
Semi-Custom eBook Cover $45.00+ PLUS cost of premade cover you want to further customize by adding or swapping out an image*
Rework an existing eBook cover $45.00-$75.00 assumes it is not a completely new custom cover. This option is for the author who likes their existing cover but needs font help or design/photoshopping help to give it polish
Custom eBook Cover $175.00 (+ cost of stock photo(s) if over $15.00)
Second+ book in series $85.00 per cover after the 1st – less than 1/2 the price of custom cover! (+ cost of stock photo(s))
Createspace Print Cover $125.00 available for eBook clients who now want to print (+ cost of stock photo(s) if applicable for back cover)
Audiobook Cover $35.00 to change existing cover to audiobook format
Facebook/Website/Twitter Banner $45.00 for one site $60.00 to be formatted for up to 3 sites*
Social Media Graphics $20.00-$25.00 $20 if client supplies image or we use cover image. $25 if I research and purchase image. 10% discount on 5 or more in same order
3D eBook cover $15.00 with or without shadow or $20 for both with and without shadow
Boxed Sets $75.00 – $95.00 $75 for 2-3 books or $95 for 4-8 books.* Price assumes I'll be using a premade or custom cover that has already been purchased separately.
Minimum Time Fee $25.00 to make any additional changes to a cover after completed (eg. add a bestseller line or a praise quote to the cover.)
*(+ cost of stock photo(s) if different from book cover images.)


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Watch Your Cover Come To Life !

Once you purchase your premade ebook cover and we receive your email, we will remove it from our site. Our aim is to get you ebook cover comps within 24 to 48 hours. In most cases you will receive a couple of options with different text placement. Once we receive your feedback we will send you your two final sizes; one sized perfectly to upload to most online booksellers and one smaller, more manageable size to use on social media and promote your book online. Final ebook covers are sent in JPG format. If you decide to offer your book in print, that service can be purchased at anytime in the future.
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